Alexander Technique  Suzanne Duncanson


Thank you for a lovely session yesterday. It was very interesting and reinforces the wonder of the technique.

Lesson yesterday
Well the first thing I had to do was alter my rear view mirror as it was too low
Next I realised my strides were much longer
walking from car park to the cinema
And then in the film the colours were much brighter …
And finally I slept so well last night
So thanks so much – I just feel different
Looking forward to next lesson and have been doing the whispered Ah



Have just had my viva examination and passed!  There is no way I would have been able to complete that if it hadn’t been for you and the Alexander Technique and I am indebted to you and all your work with the technique.       JP 



Thanks for sending me in the right “direction”!      CG



So glad I eventually found my way to your house!   So appreciate your teaching!      SS



I thought I’d message you to say that every now and then I look down at how I’m sitting and whilst I can often be a bit slumped etc I often see my arms and hands sat in the relax position of our lessons together and it makes me smile. Just wanted to say thank you.  Sometimes I even have a google of becoming a teacher.        JM



Incredible – exceeded expectations.   I learnt in a different way – watching and sharing learning with others is surprisingly powerful!      KR



Grateful thanks for my ‘Alexander’ salvation!      Anon



What specifically helped me on the course – was the idea of “non-doing”.  It provided a space to explore a new experience of movement      CG



The best part of the course was the group activity where other members could confirm that I wasn’t the only one experiencing mystery!     HD



This is the room where time stands still ….    AT



I think of the Alexander technique as learning how to not walk around in a state of panic when you have to do something a bit demanding or stressful ….  it’s good stuff and magically it helps me sing in tune!     KR



My recovery is very encouraging.   …… and the AT has been AMAZING! A bit of yoga at home is helping too, and I just bought a bike!    One year ago I could hardly walk anywhere.      SW



And a huge thank you to Suzanne Duncanson, my Alexander technique teacher for all her help in getting me to sing in tune!    And for her workshop for all of us here in Edinburgh.      Klanghaus