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First of all let me apologise for the content of my website recently – some rascally scoundrel had hacked into my website (twice!) and the content was offensive for which I apologise.   This isn’t fun!  I hope it doesn’t happen again!


But now let’s have fun – whatever we’re doing it can be fun – whether we’re painting cupboards (which I’ve been doing recently) or hanging curtains it’s fun.    Why make it a chore when we can enjoy the whole process in 3-d.      Can we notice the space all around – above our heads, on either side of us, beneath our feet – was that bowl always on that shelf?  Or has it just magicked there?   Are colours more intense and vivid.  Are the sounds we hear richer and more vibrant.   Has our vision suddenly become more panoramic and clearer – are we simply observers or can we become an integral part of the landscape?

If you’d like to explore these ideas further, why not come to my next 4 week course in Intelligent Movement and the AT which starts on Tuesday 21st February 4.45-5.45  at the Yoga Tree,  All Saints Green, Norwich.

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Change means moving on ….


Change means moving on – change means change!    Change is like moving house – when everything is in the melting pot – all that was familiar is suddenly new and different.   We have to reorientate ourselves.   We find ourselves driving on unfamiliar roads, and sometimes going on to automatic pilot – and finding that we’re going back to where we came from – to our old home!     When our attention drifts off we lose our direction – where we’re going!   We’ve literally ‘lost our heads’.

The old familiar routes and paths are so compelling – even if we want to change – we are drawn to what we already know and are familiar with.    So we find ourselves in the old culdesac which is a dead end – and doesn’t lead us anywhere.

But we don’t ‘have to do anything’ – whatever we do, we do because we have decided to do it even if it is subconscious.  We’re taking a certain route because we’ve chosen to.     If we stay ‘present’ and aware we can choose to take a different route – to take the unfamiliar road to the new destination – to the new house.

I have just moved house – and recently had to drive back towards my previous home.   It was such a strange experience – it was at once familiar and alien.    I knew where I was going and yet it was as if I was going the wrong way!    I had already adjusted to my new route and my new home so that the old route seemed a thing of the past.    The new route home had already become familiar and normal.

This just shows how quickly we can change.   We don’t have to do anything.   We always have time.    There is always the silence behind the sound, stillness behind the activity.

Changing means that there is change.   We grow into the new space.    Familiar objects seem different in the new surroundings.   We see differently and give ourselves permission to explore.

If you’d like to explore this with the Alexander Technique – come to my DROP-IN sessions at the Norfolk Clinic or at The Yoga Tree.


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