Perambulations and Ruminations

Hi Everyone,

As you can see from my website story it is very easy to get stuck in a habit.   I got stuck with the habit of ‘not seeing’.   I decided very early on in my life as a child ‘not to see’ – and that became a ‘habit’ that I was not aware of.   So years later I was still ‘not seeing’ – but I didn’t know that I had blinkers on so I didn’t know what I was missing.

And this was not only affecting my vision but my physical being too.   I was totally uncoordinated and clumsy.    I remember dropping a huge can of white paint in Princes Street in Edinburgh – which spread all over the road!  And that was typical of me at that time.    Freedom of movement was unknown to me.

It was only when I realised that there was a subconscious habit I needed to change in myself, and I began to explore the means whereby I could do this with Alexander’s discoveries that a whole world opened up for me.   I discovered that movement could be fun and fabulous.    I discovered that we are a psychophysical ‘self’.   I began to see in colour and in 3D (I hadn’t realised that I was only seeing in black and white up until then).    It’s only when we explore the unknown that we begin to see more clearly.

’til next time


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