Insights and Perambulations

Hi Everyone,

This is such an exciting time – I’m about to embark on a challenging time of expanding horizons and exploring ever-widening possibilities you could try these out.     Often this is when we feel as if we’re stepping off a cliff into the unknown.   We feel vulnerable and insecure.  We anticipate all kinds of dangers along the way.    BUT THEY MAY NEVER HAPPEN!   They are figments of our imagination – the response of our primeval ‘fight or flight’ reflex.   This is what prevents us from change – it’s safer to stay the same than to evolve.    Of course, these ideas and thoughts come into my mind at a time like this but that’s GOOD!   It allows me to make a conscious decision to experience the adrenalin and excitement of letting hidden talents and potentials surface. This is the SECRET WEAPON of Alexander’s discoveries that we can all experience.

So why not make a leap into the unknown.

CLICK HERE      and then CLICK on EVENTS to find out more about forthcoming INTELLIGENT MOVEMENT with the Alexander technique group sessions at the Norfolk Clinic.

And step into the world of Alexander’s discoveries.

’til next time,


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Insights into ‘The Performing Self’



I know it’s ages since I last blogged – but that is a habit I’m going to change.    I’ve always thought of blogging in the sense that  “I’d much rather be doing something else!”    But actually it’s wonderful – I can stop and stop reflect.    I’m in the moment.   I can enjoy all the lovely things that have happened in the past few months – the fun of swimming like a dolphin (a slight exaggeration! ) – but experiencing powering through the water with ease is a real about-turn and change of a habit.    Liberation – that fear of water was just not necessary – so it has become fun.

What else has been going on?    Workshops – and teaching groups of enthusiastic pupils exploring FM Alexander’s discoveries for themselves is fantastic and exciting.   Have a look at my Events page for more information about the next courses.   It’s a revelation to find that “my goodness, I’m doing something quite different to what I thought I was doing!”   and I CAN CHANGE it!

I’ll be in London again soon – for more theatre and meeting friends.

Have a great time!


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