Alexander Technique for back and neck pain by Suzanne Duncanson


Incredible – exceeded expectations.   I learnt in a different way – watching and sharing learning with others is surprisingly powerful! – KR

Grateful thanks for my ‘Alexander’ salvation! – T x

What specifically helped me on the course – was the idea of “non-doing”.  It provided a space to explore a new experience of movement – Cate Galwey

The best part of the course was the group activity where other members could confirm that I wasn’t the only one experiencing mystery! – Helen Dawson

This is the room where time stands still …. – Annie T

I think of the Alexander technique as learning how to not walk around in a state of panic when you have to do something a bit demanding or stressful ….  it’s good stuff and magically it helps me sing in tune! – Karen Reilly

Just had to tell you that for the first time in 40 years I was able to lie in dentist and hygienist chair for total of 1hr 45mins WITHOUT DISCOMFORT OR PAIN.   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. – Telly x 

My recovery is very encouraging.   …… and the AT has been AMAZING! A bit of yoga at home is helping too, and I just bought a bike!    One year ago I could hardly walk anywhere.                                                         SW

And a huge thank you to Suzanne Duncanson, my Alexander technique teacher for all her help in getting me to sing in tune!    And for her workshop for all of us here in Edinburgh.                                                           Klanghaus